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About Us

Closet Punarvi is an initiative by YouTuber Sahaja Madhuri. Punarvi means 'reborn' and this page was started with the thought of giving a new lease to unused clothes and enable sustainability.

Punarvi, is your friendly online marketplace for all things thrift and sustainability! We're excited to introduce you to a vibrant range of gently used stock where you can explore, buy and also sell a diverse range of preloved ethnic wear and accessories.

We've created the most unique online platform that's all about embracing second-hand treasures and fostering a sustainable lifestyle. Browse through our extensive collection, hand-picked to bring you the best in ethnic fashion. Looking for something specific? Feel free to dm us on our instagram account @closet_punarvi. Our round the clock customer support is at your service.

But that's not all! Punarvi is not just about buying; it's also a place where you can be a seller, turning your preloved clothing into cash. We provide different account types to suit your needs, making it easy for everyone to participate and shop collections from our other sellers designer stock.

By choosing us, you become part of a movement that values sustainability and the power of reusing. Together, we can reduce waste and make a positive impact on the environment, all while looking fabulous in your favorite ethnic fashion finds.

Join us today and experience the joy of thrift in a friendly, interactive online marketplace. Punarvi is here to make your shopping and selling journey a delightful one. Let's embrace sustainability and celebrate the beauty of second-hand treasures together!